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Mooching in the Garden

We are beginning to gather stories from people in the Lithgow area about their experiences of living with mental distress. Getting out and about in the community is turning out to be lots of fun. Today we visited 'LithGrow' A community Garden that aims to reduce social isolation. You can find details about the group on their facebook page.

We met with a great bunch of beetroot and a great bunch of people.

Gardening is a wonderful way of getting physical, social and mindful...all great things for improving and maintaining good mental health.

Planting a garden is about creating a more positive, healthy and beautiful future for yourself and others.

Pictured are Leanne Walding from LINC and James Daley...I think they look like the mafia of community gardening :)

Samantha showed me around the worm farm, I do love worms; they take what we all consider 'just' by-products and waste and quietly in the dark they create the foundations for new life.

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