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The Garden of the Mind

Below is some information about how this event came about and it's early development,

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Lithgow residents will be proud to learn that a local theatre and music production company, Trybal Productions (auspiced by Arts Out West), are in the process of creating a theatrical show focused on understanding the lived experiences of Lithgow residents who at various times in their lives have suffered from mental health distress.  The show will be held at the Lithgow State mine on October the 12th, what makes this show so powerful is the fact that it is entirely based on the lived experience of Lithgow residents.

A muster day is going to take place on Saturday the 27th July at The Hoskins church, it starts at 12.00 and everybody who wants to act, sing, move, make music, work on sets etc. is invited to come along, it will be a fun afternoon, even though this is a serious subject it will take everyone through many stories and emotions and will include joy, humour and love in abundance. There will also be plenty of opportunities to develop as performers and creators under the guidance of Director Katrina Douglas, Music Director Peter Kennard and theatre and video designer Sean Bacon,

Local mental Health care providers are working closely with this project ensuring that the stories being told are accurate and relevant to the experience of Lithgow and that the environment will be a safe place to explore these at times challenging subjects. The show will be a testament to the resourcefulness, resilience and compassion of the Lithgow community.

Everyone is touched by mental health challenges at some point in their life, and Trybal Productions are working with the people of Lithgow to embrace and develop it’s own strengths and consequently increase the sense of connectedness individuals and families feel as they open up and talk about what they are experiencing, and also that the community feel confident in helping as they can and also  know where to direct people to get practical and/or psychological guidance and support.

This show demonstrates that through creativity and respect we can go a long way to making our community a safer and an even more nurturing place to call home.

You can learn more about Trybal Productions and what we are about at www.trybalproductions.com or catch us on Facebook. 

We have had the muster for our Mental health Cabaret...and it was so much fun. Everyone threw themselves energetically into all the activities that Katrina presented, literally threw themselves at times. All in all it was a great start to the project 


Above are some pre production images, behind the scenes with the team in Lithgow securing the historic State mine museum  for the final production and the beautiful Hoskins Church for  all the rehearsals.