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Suzanne Day  alias  'Anne Wigglebottom'

Why being creative helps with mental health?

"It is a healthy way to get a message out there and to say what is in your heart and soul and also to be heard by others.


It is doing something positive about what happened to you so that you can help others to understand and also for them to feel better and to use creativity in their journey of healing"


Suzanne Day is someone who is keen to share stories of resilience and recovery, She is regularly found at stalls over the central west promoting awareness of domestic violence and selling her poems and childrens books for her registered charity.

Suzanne has enjoyed many roles in her working career, one of her favourites was as a preschool teacher, where her love of story-storytelling was reinforced and her pseudonym  'Anne Wigglebottom' was created. Her childrens books cover difficult subjects such as bullying and escaping from domestic violence, her hope is that such stories help children who find themselves in these tragic circumstances can find hope through understanding that they are not alone and that help is available.

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