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The idea of Trybal Productions first arose when James Daley and Peter Kennard worked alongside Musicians, actors and poets from the Lithgow area to create a CD that was in response to a series of tragic events that revealed that there was a desperate need for people to start talking....about the hard stuff.
Sadness, grief, depression, anger and despair, you know, the sort of thoughts and feelings that make you feel so vulnerable or hopeless that you wonder who you can trust.
This wonderful group of people all discovered that they had all experienced the pain of losing someone who had taken their own life.
As they travelled their own journeys through grief they realised they wanted to honour the lives that families, friends and the community of Lithgow had lost.
The goal behind the CD was to add to the groundswell in Lithgow that was developing it's own loud and determined voice. Breaking down taboos, talking meaningfully about mental distress and demanding better services in the area.
Everyone wanted to be part of a community that is being taught the skills to respond with confidence and compassion when a colleague, friend, family member or stranger reveals that they are suffering mental distress.
The funds raised from CD sales have gone towards, printing more CD's to get the word out vis the music itself, but also profits have been given to Lithgow Information and Community Center (LINC) to go toward the books required for the Mental Health first aid course that is being offered in local schools.

The 'Out of the Dark' crew

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These people were all amazing to work with, talented, hardworking, big hearted and creative. They either live in the Lithgow area or have very strong ties to the town. 
From Left to right: Lez Fender, Mahala Williams, Erin Darcy, Kurt Lewicki, Sam Williams, Linda Hawkless, Julian McPhee, James Daley, Jimmi Carr, Vince Melton and Peter Kennard.

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We Did it...

With help from everybody on the CD a wonderful evening was had by all. This is what makes community Arts so great, everybody over the course of the creation of this CD from inception to launch has given so much of themselves, their stories, their sadness, their triumphs! And on top of that we were blessed with a freaking awesome night of music and camaraderie and the patrons of the Commercial Hotel in Lithgow dug deep and we now have to prepare a GIANT CHEQUE for $1200 which is going to be presented with much flair and fanfare to the Team at Lithgow Information and Neighbourhood centre to contribute to the ongoing projects they have created for Suicide Prevention.

 So here we are presenting one giant cheque to Leanne Walding...(community champion extraordinaire) for Lithgow Information and neighbourhood centre's suicide prevention projects.

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