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A common metaphor for the Human mind is that it is like a garden....


it is a metaphor that I particularly like,the mind like the garden brings forth things of great beauty, it needs to be tended and nurtured, sometimes hard work is required to maintain its health, things need to be pruned and you have to be able to recognise weeds (unhelpful thoughts) and get rid of them before they take over and destroy the diversity  and fruitfulness  of our inner worlds. Gardens are also places where it is very clear that challenges that are part of the decay and loss of autumn and winter are vital for the beauty and abundance of spring and summer. 

This page is  about different ways people use creativity to nurture the gardens of their minds. We will be adding more insights from individuals that we fortunate to connect with through trybal Productions


Our first offering is from Mahala, singer-songwriter, poet.... 

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