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A global Pandemic cannot stand in our way !

We are sad for our fellow citizens who have yet again been impacted by this terrible virus and we send our love and good wishes to all who are finding their lives more challenging during this time.

We are fortunate to be able to continue the work on SALVAGE our latest project. We have great team who are coming together through Zoom and also in small groups (outside of lockdown areas) It is working really well and the enthusiasm we are greeted with in each workshop is definitely sustaining me through this challenging time.

Recently I was lucky enough to hear a wonderful man called 'Butch' speak about recovery at a Mental Health Peer Worker forum, his no nonsense style of speaking and his compassion for those who are suffering mental distress in any of its forms was beautiful and reassuring. The photo above is one of the slides that accompanied his talk, it seems important to remember this advice.

Also while speaking with some of the wonderful people in our Trybal team I was again reminded that compassion is often just a simple act, like phoning a friend you haven't connected to in a while and asking how they are going.

Just reminder of what we looked like pre-lockdown :)

And here is rainbow...because I think they help :)

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