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The following people and organisations have made our projects possible.


The Participants

  • This project would not exist if it were not for the generosity and openness of the many people who have agreed to share their stories with us. 

  • These people come from all walks of life and they have shared their stories for many reasons, but always with a view towards helping create a compassionate, educated community that understands that mental illness affects everyone, and that everyone can have a role in lessening the distress that comes with it.

The Primary Health Network, Nepean Blue Mountains

  • have provided a generous wellbeing grant, which support organisations and community led initiatives to promote individual and community resilience and help reduce stigma associated with mental illness.

Lithgow Information and community centre.

1 Padley St, Lithgow NSW 2790 )

  • Have helped us connect with different organisations who all have a common goal of helping the people of Lithgow and its surrounds to be aware of the symptoms and impacts of mental distress and the supports that are available.

  • LINC has already done amazing work raising awareness of suicide prevention strategies and building a stronger, compassionate community.

Arts Out West

  • This project is being auspiced by Arts out West. Along with their management skills they have supplied us with boundless enthusiasm and belief in this project

Lithgow Community Mental health Team

  • The team based at Lithgow hospital have been generous with their time and guidance

  • Have assisted us to connect with some of the people who are the very core of this project, people who experience significant challenges as they manage their mental distress.

  • The staff have also inspired us with their own stories.

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