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Meetings, meetings , meetings

So we have been to many many meetings. James has met farmers, actors, musicians, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers... Seriously he enjoyed hanging out with some of the areas hard working Lithgow farmers association and had a chat about our project. He was greeted warmly and everybody was very interested in new ways at getting information about maintaining good mental health out into their communities. he also met with thespians from the Lithgow amateur theatrical society to share information and give them the opportunity to be involved.

The current bunch of movers and shakers, Sean, Katrina, Christine from Arts out west, James and Sue got together last week to start putting a sort of scaffold in place to build this event around, we were all relieved to discover we were on the same page. All excited about the stories we have been honoured to have shared with us and all wanting to do these stories justice, to show them in all their beauty and strength..and humour.

Unfortunately meetings are quite boring to photograph, especially when the photographer forgets her camera and so takes a few snaps on her phone :(

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