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Terms, Conditions and Undertakings:

By submitting digital media resources via the upload button on the main web page and via email you agree to the following terms, conditions and undertakings:

Your undertaking to us:

You agree to freely give Peter Kennard and Sue Daley non exclusive licence to edit and use such digital media resources in any way to create composite digital artworks (AR experiences) - including such reproductions of the artworks to advertise the artworks across all media formats. You freely do so without any claim of past and future remuneration, and without claim to co- ownership of intellectual property in the completed composite artworks.

Due to the level of public response we may in fact receive more material than can be successfully used in the artwork. Hence you accept and understand that we cannot guarantee that all material submitted will be used.

Our undertaking to you:

We will take all public shared resources and from these images, recordings and text we will collate, edit and anonymise the material to create poetic composite digital Augmented Reality artworks using image, original music, sound design and recorded voice over.

No public contributor will be identified - No contribution will used in any defamatory or compromising way.

The artwork will remain accessible to the public via the Arloopa AR free phone app for 12 months minimum and 36 months maximum time frame.

Peter Kennard and Sue Daley will own copyright in the completed digital artworks.

Peter and Sue undertake that no further use will be made of any public submitted digital media material beyond its use in the Of Place In Place project.

The project Of Place In Place is funded entirely by Blue Mts City of the Arts Trust. No further exploitation for financial gain will be made of the finished digital artworks by Peter and Sue.

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