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An exploration and expression of memories held dear by those that have visited Wentworth Falls Lake in Australia's Blue Mountains



'Of Place In Place' seeks participation from the public through the sharing of photo images, written word and recorded voice memos about experiences, memories, anecdotes, historical information or environmental observations concerning Wentworth Falls Lake, we are

interested in how the lake is viewed by locals and

visitors alike.


Some thoughts to get you started...

  • Were you aware of its history? that it is a constructed lake and not natural?

  • What was there before the dam?

  • Who was there before the dam?

  • What do you know of its use in the era of steam train transport?

  • How is the lake “used” by you today?

  • What events of significance may have happened for you at the lake?

  • What do you see? - birdlife, other wildlife, humans at play?

  • Does the lake hold strong, positive memories and associations for you?

The final artwork seeks to be an elegant and understated collage of sound and image that will be  experienced by the audience upon the very landscape itself via AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

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