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'Of Place In Place' is an Augmented Reality experience that can be viewed through your mobile phone or iPad when you visit Wentworth Falls Lake in Australia's

World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park.

'Of Place In Place' has been created with participation of the local community through the sharing of photographs, written word, recorded voice and First Nations story telling through spoken word and dance.

Launch to be announced soon... 

Get ready by downloading the FREE Arloopa App, which will enable you to view and interact with this stunning Augmented Reality  experience when you visit Wentworth Falls Lake 

This project is funded entirely by Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust
With Special thanks to:
Jo Clancy and the Wagana Dancers, indigenous women's dance troupe.
The staff and students of Kindlehill School for contributing images of their Winters Night lantern murmeration.
Darug Elder, Uncle Chris Tobin for the Dragonfly Mythology and Storytelling.

Remy Vaughan, Naomi Vaughan, Roxanne Clarke and 
Lola Sultana for lending their voices to this project,
Paul Gruber for his reflections on visiting the beautiful Wentworth Falls Lake.

'Of Place In Place'
created by
Peter Kennard and Sue Daley

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